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This page is about the vintage Asus P/I-P55T2P4 Socket7 mainboard – designed for Pentium CPUs but also capable of running AMD K6-2 and K6-III with up to 500 MHz!

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BIOS support for large disk drives >32 GB!!
>32 GB HDD on T2P4 and other mobos!
BIOS download and docs here and  here.

My 430HX chipset definitions for H. Oda's fine WPCREdit:

Get WPCREdit at H. Oda's site:

For all you Asus T2P4 fans out there, this page from KALLE is the ultimate site of knowledge for upgradingKALLE's site (mirrored)

BTW: I'm currently running a special version of the 2.07-2 BIOS with SDMS 4.14 (boot from CD etc.) modified by Klaas-Henning Müller.
This is no official version and there's no Asus support for it, of course. However, any problems can be reported to me or Henning.
The only problem I know of is the restriction of the DMI information space (ESCD) because of the size.

Jan Steunebrink has a neat site with patched BIOSes for those of you with a K6-2+/III+ at hand. He supports numerous mobos!
Andreas Wohlfeld covers (mostly) the Gigabyte GA586HX at his site (German and English). Some infos about other boards though.

If you rather stick with 'official' BIOS versions, here are the latest and last from Asus:
2.07 / 2.07-1
They are both titled 'beta' because they were made for an out of production mobo.
Both versions have proven exceptional stability on my T2P4 and many others.

Anyone fooled with the T2P4's PLL???? The 52C61 specs suggest an asynchronous PCI clock mode that might help
for extreme o'cing but we're pretty sure, that the HX chipset doesn't support this mode..

You've got a PS/2 SIMM at hand and don't know its size and whether it's EDO or fast page? Look here.