KALLE's T2P4 page

I liked to make my own home page about my ASUS T2P4 to share the great possibilities with other owners. So I asked how to get a free web page in my favorite NG  news:alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.asus  and Lindsay Computer Systems owner Rick Lindsay offered me space on their web site.

ALL links on this page come in a new browser window! Just klick them, klick on this page in Task bar and klick next page. After you klicked all wait a bit until all pages are fully loaded and go offline for reading. So you can safe some 'online money' and spend it for registration!

ASUS T2P4 revision 3.x
adding the BF2 jumper
ASUS T2P4 revision 2.x
split voltage for rev 2.x
cooling & reducing noise,

Here is a link to another interesting page:

http://www.concentric.net/~tukester/comp.html Roy Lanes page about Cyrix CPU's (helpful!)

to be continued...


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